Dharma Light Buddhist Society is dedicated to the dissemination of the teachings and practices of the Humanistic Shingon Buddhism of Saint Kobo Daishi as shared by Master Yukan (Vira Avalokita SThera).

Master Yukan’s exposition of the esoteric Buddhist teachings of Saint Kobo Daishi are down-to-earth and fit all people (lay or monk, rich or poor, Asian or Western).

This website is mainly a library containing Yukan sensei’s main teachings (and will be updated regularly).


James Yukan Beard Sensei teaches Shingon Buddhism in Plain English and wrote several books and manuals on Humanistic Shingon Buddhism. He was a direct student of Ekan Ikeguchi of Saifukuji and was initiated as a fully ordained Ajari (skt: Acharya, En: Initiated Master).

Yukan Sensei founded DaiKanJi temple in Cambodia where he has been active in social work for more than 20 years. Yukan Sensei also studied Theravadan Buddhism under Phraa Buddhadasa and is recognized as a Venerable/Teacher monk (Sangha-Thera) by the Theravadan Dammayut Order of Cambodia under the name Vira Avalokita Sthera.

Master Yukan is also the founder of the Sarvastivadha Buddhist Order (SBO), a Humanistic Shingon Buddhist Order. He built a reformed Tokudo training at DaiKanJi for his Tokudo students, lay or monks.

In his teachings, study and practice are rooted in humanistic and scientific understanding and are particularly structured around the fundamental teachings of Saint Kobo Daishi (founder of the Shingon School of Koyasan), the Rishushakukyo (the Principle of Wisdom Sutra) and the practice of daily Shingon liturgy and Ajikan meditation.

This website is humbly run by two Tokudo priests of Yukan sensei (Vira Avalokita Sthera), Kozou Avalokita and Kozan Avalokita, contact them for more informations on the teachings and precepts of the Humanistic Shingon lineage of Yukan sensei.

Namo Daishi Henjo Kongo!